Work Health and Safety

Sharps and Infectious Waste Safe Handling (01005)

Outlines safe infectious waste handling practices for worker, environmental and community safety.
For organisations exposed to municipal waste streams dealing with found hazards.
Details safety procedures for clinical and related infectious waste, including sharps.
For collection workers, downstream waste handlers, contractors, volunteers, and supervisors exposed to the risks involved in handling sharps and infectious waste, and those who are managing workers who do so.
Key Learnings:
• Types of infectious waste
• Waste streams and the need for segregation
• How infection happens
• Hazards associated with infectious waste
• Ways to control the hazards
• Hygiene methods to avoid infection
• Safe handling methods for sharps
• First Aid and treatment for needlestick injury
• Compliant Containers & Bags
• Secure and Hygienic Storage
• Transport Vehicles and Methods
• Safe Disposal
• Spills & Emergency clean-ups
• Risk management approach to control of infectious waste hazards

Certificate of Completion when you complete the Quiz.
Approx. 1 hour duration.
Course can be accessed on PC, tablet or smartphone.
Recommended browsers, latest versions of: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge.
Course can be paused at any time - just log back in to resume where you left off.

  • Sharps and Infectious Waste
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: 3 years